Shrimp Jambalaya

1 lb. Large Shrimp, peeled          

½ lb. Miller's Zesty Italian Sausage                            

1 large onion, diced                  2 tbsp. butter

1 garlic clove, minced               1 small bay leaf

1 medium can of tomatoes        ¼ tsp. Salt

¼ tsp. Thyme leaves                 Dash of hot pepper sauce

1 can chicken broth, or one cube of bouillon w/ 1 cup water

1 ½ cups Minute Rice, cooked according to package


In skillet over medium heat – cook shrimp in melted butter for 3 minutes.  Remove to bowl.  In same skillet over medium heat, brown sausage.  Stir in green pepper, onion, and garlic.  Stir occasionally until tender.  Add rice, tomatoes with juice, chicken broth, salt, thyme, hot pepper sauce, and bay leaf.  Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until most of liquid is absorbed. 

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